Keeping Britain in Boxes

09 May 2020

Having endured lockdown for seven weeks, British people have become quite resourceful at keeping themselves busy in many varied ways. The diverse trends how people are occupying themselves has had a demand impact across a multitude of businesses, not least corrugated packaging.

Listening to friends and families, interests have spread across fitness, decorating and home learning; be that students catching up on vital studies, or those looking to learn new things such as cooking, gardening or sign language.

This has impacted on our customer requirements, and these current trends have been replicated in the work that we have been doing to help businesses keep the nation busy and keep the nation moving.

Keeping fit has seen the demand for bicycles increase as well as other fitness equipment. We have seen a significant increase with customers that sell all sorts of exercise equipment.

Another customer has seen an increase in gardening products and plants being sold as we all turn to our gardens during these warmer days in lockdown to see how green fingered we are and it seems we are also turning to refurnishing our homes. An increase in packaging for furniture has risen as we turn to the internet to order new items for around the home, now that we have the time to look around our surroundings and see how we can improve it.

In addition, we have seen an increase in packaging for food items in particular over the last few months as people have been cooking at home more and stocking up to avoid frequent trips to the supermarkets.

Not surprisingly, there has also been an increase throughout all ecommerce customers as more people are ordering online as they are unable to go shopping on the high street.

Due to some staff having to self isolate, we have had account managers help support our production colleagues, to ensure that our production times can be met without delay. Both Ronnie and Rob have been filling in doing various jobs from sweeping and cleaning to helping to set and run the machines.

We continue to support a wide variety of sectors in British industry and look forward to helping many more as we hopefully see more businesses re-opening and safely declaring that Britain is back in business.