Designs in 3D

07 Apr 2017

Using approved artwork and box design, Jardin can produce 3D imagery of customers packaging to help visualise the intended design and presentation of the product. By simply merging the artwork and CAD layout of the box, the image can be created. The image can be rotated and zoomed for further inspection.

The 3D function allows the designers to fold the design on screen for the following purposes:

Structural Assessment – Checking that the design makes up correctly and that all panels align and fit without needing to make a physical sample.

Artwork Check – By importing artwork onto the design and then folding the structure, it is possible to check that the artwork has been generated correctly, and that images appear on the appropriate panels with correct orientation.

Sales Presentation – High resolution 3D stills can be created to give an understanding of how the package will look. Animations can be recorded to see the design folding. During the folding process, designers can take a series of ‘snap-shots’. These stills can then be combined and annotated to easily produce assembly diagrams.

Along with a physical sample from our CAD table, the opportunity to showcase a product before it has been put into manufacturing can set expectations on layout and location of print in a finished form; a fast and easy way to turn ideas into designs.