Jardin Install New Ink Kitchen

06 Sep 2016

Jardin Corrugated have recently installed a brand new Rexson ink dispenser in partnership with Hi-Tech Products. In a newly purpose built ink room, the layout has been specifically designed to utilise the space, allowing the team to mix inks on-site and manage ink usage efficiently.

Jardin have since moved their new X-Rite exact spectrophotometer into the same room, to keep it all under one roof. Installation was completed from start to finish in three days with follow on support being provided by Hi-Tech.

Luke Chadbourne, Technical Support at Hi-Tech Products explains; “The primary focus when we begin to supply a new site is to ensure the transition is problem free, to ensure this Hi-Tech visited Jardin to obtain wet samples initially to match and agree the desired specification to suit all printing presses, once Jardin were happy we then got to work generating formulations to match their current ink library of over 500 colours. This helps keep jobs consistent during this process and helps press operators continue to use their inks how they have been used to before.”

Tom Lowe, Jardin Operations Manager, commented; “Having the automatic ink formulation technology has enabled us to work more efficiently to meet customer requirements. The new equipment improves our mixing capability, accuracy and stock control.”