Another Winning Partnership for Jardin Corrugated and Bibby Distribution

19 Mar 2019

Jardin Corrugated announced earlier this month that Bibby Distribution has once again been awarded with their renewed transport contract. Due to Bibby’s low carbon footprint and their consistent low costs and high customer service levels, Jardin are pleased to partner with them once again and entrust the transport of their products to this company.

Jardin Corrugated mostly specialise in horticultural boxes, and therefore are very environmentally aware and so desired a reduced number of journeys to transport their products from both of their production sites in Ely and St Ives. The Bibby Distribution fleet offered an average of 15% increase of volume compared to that of a standard trailer; therefore they were already ahead of most companies when it came to renew the transport contract.

Keeping costs to a minimum, Bibby’s specialist trailers also collect the paper reels that supply into Jardin, to create the corrugated products. Jardin’s suppliers are based in central and eastern England so therefore Bibby have had to utilise their fleet for these return trips.

Bibby Distribution also have access to a further six 44-tonne tractors and trailers and also a 26-tonne rigid truck with tail-lift, which ensures that they will be able to help Jardin in times of real need, no matter how busy they get. All of the Bibby fleet are fitted with telematics so that all their customers have the peace of mind of knowing where their materials and products are at any one time.

Mark Ludlow, the Jardin Corrugated Operations Director says: “Bibby Distribution’s new way of thinking means our work requires fewer journeys, which in turn has lowered our carbon footprint and reduced operating costs. The fact they can increase our fleet capacity at short notice during busy periods is also important to us, affording a new level of flexibility with the result that we can respond better to changing client priorities.”

Jardin Corrugated look forward to another successful contract with Bibby Distribution so that they can continue to provide the very best service to all of their customers.