Jardin Corrugated Expand Offering with Tape Application

12 Apr 2016

As shopping behaviours change and more individuals look to shop online, the need for better online retail packaging continues to grow. Many industries are adopting e-retail at a very fast pace, so manufacturers are being called to provide an online retail packaging solution that does not compromise the quality of the packaged products (and that meets the fast-growing demand).

For this reason, Jardin have been working in partnership with H.B. Fuller to integrate its Easy-Opening Sesame® and Close-Sesame™ solutions in the corrugation process. Working in collaboration enables customers to take advantage of H.B. Fuller’s adhesive technology.

This type of tape technology provides easy closing of simple and complex packaging, and is very beneficial to e-commerce customers who desire shipping and product returns in the same box. As the tape is applied in-line on the corrugator, it eliminates the costly process of applying double-sided tape by hand on packing lines and fulfilment centres, providing a cost effective solution.

Packaging using the closing tape solution delivers a strong and durable solution that can protect customers’ products all the way through the supply chain. This offers easy access to packaged contents without the need for knives, perforations or liner-slitting. It also makes hassle-free product returns possible, as fewer steps are needed for box closing and the package is tamper proof for optimal tamper resistance.

Kevin Hennessy, Managing Director at Jardin Corrugated, comments; “This tape applicator gives Jardin the ability to compete in the fast growing home delivery sector of retail sales. Our customers have already made good use of this facility, and are delighted with the opportunities it presents.”

Customers interested in closing tape solutions should speak with their sales representative for more details.